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Doma’s team and technology are built around a singular promise - to delight you. To accomplish this, we have created a patented technology platform and established an extensive service network to offer a previously unimaginable experience that puts you at the center.

Tools for Homebuyers and Seller

Doma is pleased to offer tools to make your closing faster, accessible, and more empowering.

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Faster closings

Speeding up time to close creates a delightful experience for customers and a higher likelihood of closing.


Title prelims in ~1 minute

Machine intelligence returns the vast majority of title commitments in about 1 minute instead of 3-5 days.


Fewer touches

Reduce human intervention to drive large efficiency gains and transform the traditional title & escrow process.

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Machine intelligence built to humanize

Doma’s technology is built with a singular purpose in mind, to create a vastly simpler and more affordable closing experience. Doma Intelligence ensures your closing experience is smart, efficient, and accessible.

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Take charge of your closing

Doma Close is a hybrid closing solution that allows you to digitally sign and review documents ahead of your notary appointment. By digitally signing a subset of the documents, your experience with a notary is faster and more empowering.

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A partner around your corner

Doma’s extensive branch network and local experts are excited to work with you on your closing. We strive to deliver a closing that reflects your local sensibility and is expedient, comprehensive, and accurate.

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