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760 NW 107th Ave, Suite 401, Miami, FL 33172

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Doma Insurance Agency 

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Title or Escrow Documents: help@doma.com

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Submit a Claim

To submit a claim, the insured should immediately email the Doma Claims Department at claims@doma.com by following the instructions for submitting a claim as set forth in their policy jacket and outlined below.

Written claims may be submitted to:

Doma Title Insurance, Inc.
760 NW 107th Avenue
Suite 401
Miami, FL 33172

Attention: Claims

Telephone inquiries may be directed to Doma Claims Department: 800.374.8475

To ensure your claim is processed accurately and in a timely fashion, please provide the following.

  • A brief and clear description of the facts giving rise to the claim;
  • The existing policy of title insurance, together with all related endorsements;
  • A copy of the outstanding mortgage, lien, judgment, or matter giving rise to the claim;
  • The chain of title to reflect the item in question and its relation in time to the policy; and
  • The vesting deed or mortgage for the current insured under the policy.

Within 15 days of receipt of the claim submission, you will receive a written confirmation from Doma’s Claims Department acknowledging receipt of the claim and providing notification of the Doma contact assigned to handle your claim and provide regular status updates.

*The following procedures apply as soon as a title agent becomes aware of a potential or actual claim on a Doma, NATIC, STICoC, or a STIC policy.


Final Policy Requests

To request your Final Policy, it is best to reach out to your issuing agent, the one listed on your Closing Protection Letter, who handled your closing. If the issuing agent has not fulfilled your request in a timely manner, you may email FinalPolicies@doma.com. Please include the following supporting documentation to assist with satisfying the request. 

  1. Executed Settlement Statement/Disclosure
  2. Closing Protection Letter
  3. Closing Instructions
  4. Title Commitment
  5. Proof that your company owns the loan
  6. Copy of recorded Deed of Trust 

The requestor must be either the lender or owner of record for Doma (fka NATIC)  to release any policies. Doma, as the underwriter, does not have final recorded transaction records in our possession. Doma also does not provide policy copies for any purpose other than providing the insured owner or lender a copy of a policy for which premium has already been paid and collected.