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Doma Title replaces the time-consuming title search process with a modern solution that combines predictive analytics and a future-based risk insurance model. As a result, agents can clear title commitments in a matter of minutes with reduced communications between the parties, their agents, and financial institutions.


Doma Title approaches the traditional title search differently. Instead of relying on manual uncovering of defects, we harness the power of machine intelligence to predict the likelihood of one occurring dramatically reducing the time to deliver a commitment.

Ease of ordering

Simple online ordering process with minimized errors and processing time.

Instant confidence

In over 80% of files, we return a complete clear-to-close Title commitment within minutes.

Guaranteed accuracy

Eliminate curative work and concerns of fee inaccuracies with a 100% guarantee against tolerance cure discrepancies.

Automatic doc generation

Efficiently produce closing documents with automatic generation of a title commitment and Prelim-CD.

Secondary market approved

Certified and accepted by secondary market inventors, including Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.


Who we help


Work more efficiently by reducing waiting time and manual errors in your title and underwriting.

Real Estate Professionals

Accurate actionable data at your fingertips about the property to keep the process moving.

Title Agents

Harness transformative technology and partner with local experts to deliver an industry-leading experience.


Confidence delivered in real-time about the property you are buying or selling.

Customer stories

Partners in architecting the future!

Doma helps industry leading lenders harness the power of machine intelligence to achieve their strategic and customer goals. Read how Doma’s proprietary technology, Doma Intelligence, and bespoke lender-focused operations have transformed their settlement experience.

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