Digital signing platform to empower all participants to drive their closing

Doma Close is a multi-party digital platform that efficiently orchestrates the closing process. Instead of chasing after responses and wrangling chaos, Doma Close enables lenders, real estate professionals, and home buyers to collaborate on one single platform. Response times are slashed, communications happen seamlessly, and costly reworks are prevented.


Doma Close is a purpose-built digital closing platform that orchestrates a hybrid, or fully digital, closing experience. By presenting and offering digital signing for a subset of the closing documents, the time with a notary is faster and more empowering. With Doma Close, the closing is no longer a ceremonial multi-hour ordeal with an uninformed buyer, but the culmination of a great customer experience with an engaged and informed buyer or seller.

Seamless integrations

A digital collaboration and signing platform enabling all participants of a closing to partner and prepare for a smooth and on-time closing day experience.

Document management

Automatic retrieval, classification, and review with a signing experience tailored to your close process.

Payment processing

Integrated payment transmission plus comprehensive Gap Insurance through date of recordation.

Flexible signing

National team for today’s RON and digital technology to deliver tomorrow’s full digital close.


Who we help


Deliver the digital last mile for the home lending process, finally.

Real Estate Professionals

Join with other transaction participants to orchestrate a seamless closing.

Title Agents

Unheard of visibility into the closing for confidence in a timely and accurate signing.


Enter the driver's seat with your home closing experience, all from the comfort of your own home.

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Partners in architecting the future!

Doma helps industry-leading lenders harness the power of machine intelligence to achieve their strategic and customer goals. Read how Doma’s proprietary technology, Doma Intelligence, and bespoke lender-focused operations have transformed their settlement experience.

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True next generation closing experiences that delight your customers and deliver for your business.

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