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We have developed an agent network that is second to none. Our network is a recognition of the high-quality and dedicated service provided by independent title agents who represent Doma as policy-issuing agencies.

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Our evaluation process

Agents in the Doma Agent Network undergo a rigorous and constant evaluation process to become and stay an agent in good standing.


Initial Review

Initial review of credit, background, financial solvency, escrow accounts, settlement practices, compliance procedures, and general practices.



Initial and ongoing licensing, insurance, and disciplinary history verification.


Business Review

Review of business model, experience, financial metrics, claims history, market representation, and annual evaluations.


Audits and Checks

Ongoing annual comprehensive audits, credit and background checks, and agency assessments


Routine Evaluations

Routine, on-site operational evaluations and monthly monitoring of business activity, escrow account reconciliation, and policy production review.


Training and Education

Continuous knowledge and industry best practices implementation through compliance training and education.

Backed by over 60 years of industry experience

Businesses across the country have grown to rely on Doma and its Agent Network

Doma’s disciplined financial business model and strategic successes have enabled us to continue expanding our footprint and post tremendous financial metrics

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For more information on how to become or find a Doma Authorized Policy-Issuing Agent in your area, contact Doma Title Insurance today.

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