Technology’s Role in the Climb to $1B in loans

Rick Roque, Corporate Vice President, of Shamrock Home Loans joins us to discuss his team’s path to reaching $1 billion in loan originations.

Get insight on the technology that they are using to accelerate growth and streamline the mortgage process. Hear about the skills they’re equipping their loan officers with and how they continue to build a culture of innovation.

Be the first to hear his predictions about the impact shifting volumes across refinance and purchase will have on the mortgage industry.

About Rick Roque:
In 2009, Rick Roque founded Menlo Company, a mortgage and technology focused capital fundraising and M&A firm working with many of the largest retail mortgage banks in the United States on their technology and growth-oriented priorities.

Most recently, Rick joined the executive management team at Shamrock Home Loans. The scope of his work is to expand their licensing and production footprint across the United States and make Shamrock one of the top mortgage originators across the country.

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