States Title Awarded Predictive Machine Learning Patent to Support Instant Real Estate Closing

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 2, 2020 – States Title, one of the leading forces for disruptive change in the real estate industry, was issued a patent for “Predictive Machine Learning Models” by the U.S. Patent Office on August 25, 2020. By bringing the power of machine intelligence to the real estate loan closing process, States Title’s technology is helping lenders, real estate professionals and homeowners transform the mortgage process to close more loans, faster. This is the third patent that States Title has been awarded for machine learning, further extending its lead as the only company that provides a patented, native machine intelligence solution for title and escrow.

One of the most important steps when closing a real estate transaction is to identify any loans currently encumbering a property. Parsing messy and incomplete property records to surface outstanding loans is a point of friction on many transactions, and a task that has required significant time and expertise from escrow officers. Patent 10,755,184 helps to define States Title’s leadership position in becoming the first title and escrow company to solve this problem using machine learning.

“Automated open mortgage detection is an essential part of generating title commitments in minutes,” said Brian Holligan, senior data science manager at States Title and patent co-inventor. “By integrating this technology into States Title’s suite of Instant Underwriting solutions, we’re approaching the process of establishing title on a property in a way nobody else has – resulting in a more affordable and efficient experience for everyone involved.”

Together with the prior patents awarded to States Title, this latest patent signifies an irreversible and long-overdue advancement in the title and escrow industry. Rather than merely improving an aged system, States Title is reinventing how the entire settlement process is done. The company has filed additional patent applications, including one which supports its Instant Closing Disclosure technology.