Statement of Information

The Statement of Information is a form you, as the seller, may be asked to complete to help the title company more accurate and expediently complete the title search. This form requests personal information to ensure that research performed on your property only identifies items that attach to you and other current owners.

Why is the Statement of Information important?

When property is sold, the new buyer wants to ensure he or she has clear title to the property being purchased. To provide this confidence, the sale of your property will require a title search. The completion of this form will help them:

  • Differentiate between people with similar names
  • Rule out liens or judgments not applicable to the transaction

This information is important because it is quite common for residents within a state, and across states, to have the same or similar names. In searching the public records relating to title, title companies encounter judgments, bankruptcies, divorces, and income tax liens involving persons with similar names. The more information a title company has about you upfront, the more effective they can be at identifying which items attach to the current owners and which do not, and the more efficient they can be at completing the title order.

What types of information are requested in a Statement of Information?

You may be asked to provide your full name, social security number, year of birth, birthplace and information on citizenship, marital status, residency, and other personal information that will help the title company determine whether the lien or judgment is applicable to the transaction.

Will the information supplied be kept confidential?

The information supplied is kept confidential and is only used by Doma and our operating companies to complete the title search.

To learn more, please read Doma’s privacy policy at

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