RESPA Dos and Don’ts

The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) has governed the relationships between title, mortgage, real estate and settlement service providers since 1974. Since then, applying RESPA and its Regulation X to evolving market practices and business affiliations continue to confound both industry players and regulators. In this 62-minute webinar, learn some tips for how to work and engage with your customers in a RESPA-compliant manner, and hear how state regulators continue to trump federal oversight regarding marketing-related activities.

View this webinar to gain insight on:

  • Prohibitions under Section 8 of RESPA
  • Payments for goods and services under Section 8(c) of RESPA
  • Tips for compliant advertising agreements, office rentals, co-advertising arrangements and promotional events
  • Tips for compliant affiliated business arrangements
  • Noteworthy state law restrictions on marketing-related activities (CA, MI, NY, TX and WA)