Nevada Property Taxes Overview

Property taxes in Nevada go by fiscal year and can be paid quarterly. The Nevada property tax year runs from July 1st  through June 30th. Tax rates are set in June of each year. 

  • Most Counties in NV issue Yearly Tax Statements in August of each year. 
  • Property taxes are due on the third Monday in August. However, the property owner may elect to pay in installments if taxes on parcel exceed $100.00. In which case the first installment would be the 3rd Monday in August, the second installment would be the the first Monday in October, the third installment would be the first Monday in January and the fourth installment would be in March. 

The escrow officer will prorate property taxes to the closing date based on the current property tax assessment figure available and allocate any charge/credit to the buyer and seller as it relates to their share of ownership for property taxes based on the closing date.  

To ensure you have the most up-to-date information on property taxes, please contact your real estate agent, title agent, or consult local government. 

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