Moving Checklist

Moving can be overwhelming: to make it a little less stressful we’ve compiled a list of common things to consider.

Change Your Address
▢ Set up a forwarding address at the Post Office 
▢ Shipping address on favorite websites  
▢ Billing address on credit cards  
▢ Delivery / subscriptions addresses often require several weeks’ notice 
▢ Notify friends and relatives so holiday cards go to the right place 
Check Your Bank
▢ Cancel any automatic payment or direct deposit arrangements for your old property 
▢ Transfer funds and arrange check-cashing in new city (if necessary) 
▢ Arrange credit references (if necessary) 
▢ Check your safety deposit box (if necessary) 
Notify Insurance of New Location 
▢ Life Insurance 
▢ Health Insurance 
▢ Fire / Wind / Flood Insurance 
▢ Auto 
Close Out Utilities Disconnect, collect refunds for deposits, pay final bills:
▢ Gas
▢ Electric
▢ Water 
▢ Sewer 
▢ Phone
▢ Internet
▢ Cable
▢ Garbage Recycling 
End Services or Update Service Providers 
▢ Landscaping  
▢ Pool maintenance
▢ Cleaners / Maids
▢ Pet walker / sitter
▢ Accountants – obtain all personal records  
▢ Lawyers – obtain all personal records 
Check out our guide to setting up utilities!
Transition Children (below 18) 
▢ Register for school 
▢ Transfer school records 
▢ Arrange for childcare or after school care
▢ Register for activities (dance, sports teams, art classes, etc.)  
Transition Pets 
▢ Microchip and or tag pets  
▢ Obtain all medical records 
▢ Ask for veterinarian referral 
▢ Notify pet service providers: grooming, walking, pet day care, boarding, etc.  
▢ Pick up pet prescriptions / change pharmacies  
▢ Ask about regulations for licenses, vaccinations, etc. 
Move Medical Care: medical, dental, and prescriptions 
▢ Check health insurance coverage in new location 
▢ Obtain birth records, medical records, x-rays, etc.
▢ Ask for doctor and dentist referrals  
▢ Transfer prescriptions: eyeglasses, medications, etc.
Clean BEFORE you move 
▢ Defrost freezer and clean refrigerator 
▢ Service washer / dryer / stove, etc.  
▢ Place baking soda or charcoal inside to dispel odor 
▢ Clean rugs – then wrap them for moving  
▢ Clean clothes – then pack them for moving
Confirm Details with Movers / Storage 
▢ Insurance coverage for movers 
▢ Packing help 
▢ Plan for arrival day 
▢ Shipping details and contract papers 
▢ Time of packing / delivery  
▢ Expected payment type (cash, credit, check, etc.)
Prepare For Moving Day 
▢ Plan for special care needs for your infant and pets 
▢ Pack a day or two worth of extra clothing in case of delay 
▢ Assemble first day items – soap, toilet paper, pen, paper, toiletries, bath towels, utility knife, scissors, trash bags, etc. 
▢ Explore tax-deductible moving expenses 
▢ Have car checked and serviced for the trip
First Items to Set Up at Your New Address 
▢ Check on service of gas, electricity, water, telephone, garbage and cable TV 
▢ Check pilot light on stove, hot water heater, and furnace 
▢ Have appliances checked 
▢ Ask mail carrier for mail he or she may be holding for you and setup mail forwarding from your old address 
▢ Apply for a state driver license (or just address change if needed) 
▢ Register for voting 
▢ Register car within thirty (30) days after arrival in state or a penalty may have to be paid when getting new license plates 
▢ Obtain inspection sticker and transfer motor club membership  

This article is the last in the Home Buyer Guide and Home Seller Guide.