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The Property Survey: How it Benefits the Buyer and the Lender

Homebuyers are often overwhelmed by the long list of services that accompany a real…
6 minute read

How to Reach Millennials and Baby Boomers for Real Estate Success

The work of real estate agents today often focuses on two central audiences: baby…
3 minute read

California Preliminary Title Report Example

A Preliminary Report is defined in Section 12340.11 of the California Insurance Code…
1 minute read

Doma, who?

Our founder, Max, once sat in a mahogany-laden title office signing stacks and stacks of paperwork and knew right then that there had to be a better way… and we’ve been on a mission ever since.

We recently went public (NYSE: DOMA) and proudly service some of the largest loan originators in the country; Chase Home Lending, PennyMac and Homepoint but also have deep local and regional roots throughout our 100 offices all over the country.

In short, we utilize the power of machine learning tech to deliver a more simple, efficient and affordable closing experience.


Modern Title and Escrow

Doma is more than just a title company. We take the friction and frustration out of the real estate closing process.

Instant Title

By utilizing machine intelligence and patented technology solutions, we're creating a vastly more simple and affordable closing experience.

Robust Encompass Integration

Doma created a modern order experience with you in mind.

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Closure Rate | Title Commitment Turn Time | Closing Package Prep Time | Clear to Close Turn Time | Average Days to Close | Closing Scheduled within 2 Hours | Vendor Partnership Strength

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Traditional Title and Escrow is broken

The customer has become increasingly impatient, and sometimes, they only decided they want a mortgage that morning. It’s the Amazon effect – resale or repurchase, everyone wants fast without the back and forth
Jay Promisco, Chief Production Officer | Sierra Pacific Mortgage

Building a Pipeline Flywheel for a Stronger Refinancing Business

Mortgage Lending in the Post-Pandemic Era   In 2021, refinancing volumes reached…
4 minute read

It’s a Wrap! has moved!

You’ll now find everything you’re looking for on  We’re excited…
3 minute read

Three Reasons A Strong Closing Helps Grow Your Business  

For most people, buying a home is a big milestone. Homebuyers know that the process…
4 minute read

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