Leveraging Insuretech in the Mortgage Industry

Adrian Jones, Deputy CEO of P&C Partners, SCOR joins States Title’s CEO, Max Simkoff to discuss how reinsurance affects the residential mortgage industry and how mortgage companies and insures can work together to simplify the lending process for a better customer experience.

About Adrian Jones:

Adrian Jones is deputy CEO of P&C Partners at SCOR, a French reinsurance company. SCOR operates in 160 countries and has a balance sheet of approximately $50 billion. Prior to joining SCOR, he was head of strategy at RenaissanceRe in Bermuda. Adrian started his career at Bain & Company, the consultancy, where he worked in financial services, real estate, private equity, consumer goods, and other industries in the US and Europe. Adrian holds an MBA from Columbia and a bachelor’s degree from Wharton with concentrations in real estate and finance.

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