Indemnification Request

Requesting a Letter of Indemnification 

Here at Doma, we always stand behind our policies and customers to be supported and secure on any transaction. For your reassurance, here’s how to process a letter of indemnification under Doma policy.  

Step 1: Email your request to the Doma Claims Department

To submit a request for indemnification, send us an email at Also, be sure to copy your state’s underwriting counsel at [state abbreviation] (i.e., 

Within 24-48 hours, you should receive a confirmation email from us with a decision.   

Step 2: Ensure the request includes the following information

  • A description of the title matter to be indemnified 
  • Whether the transaction is a resale or refinance, a copy of the commitment 
  • The anticipated closing dates 
  • Doma title insurance policy, along with all endorsements
  • Copy of the outstanding mortgage, lien, judgment, or other title matter to be indemnified
  • The vesting deed or mortgage for the Insured under the current Doma policy