Home Seller Title and Escrow Process

Like many aspects of selling a house, the exact process you will follow depends on where you live. Fortunately, the major steps and milestones in your closing are roughly the same no matter where you live.

The list below was compiled by our experts to help you anticipate and better contribute to your experience.

  1. You put your house on the market and accept an offer 
  2. A title search is conducted on you and your house to determine the status of title. Afterwards a preliminary title insurance report is given to you – be sure to read it carefully. If discovered, payoff demands for mortgages and other liens recorded against your property are ordered. 
  3. Earnest money is deposited if required
  4. Your buyer’s loan documents are submitted to escrow
  5. Escrow arranges the signing of documents, the disbursement of funds per terms of the transaction and record the transfer deed with the county.
  6. Congratulations, your home is sold! 

See the exact step-by-step process for your state

This article is part of the Home Seller Guide.