If I’m fully remote, how will I get to meet people within Doma’s organization?

We love Slack! All employees regardless of location have access to slack. This allows us to communicate in real-time with one another as well as jump into huddles or Zoom calls. We have several active channels or “groups” on Slack that you can voluntarily join and participate in as well to interact with those outside of your immediate working teams. Some examples of our social channels are virtual coffees (you’re randomly paired with someone else on the channel to meet and connect virtually), a pets channel, music fanatics, pride, children of Doma, trivia and many more.

Monthly “All Hands” calls in which our Executive Leadership Team discusses companywide updates and accomplishments.

Employee Resource Groups- these are open to all employees at Doma.

We have over 100 offices throughout the United States. Therefore, you may have an opportunity to meet with other Doma employees local to you.