How is Doma fostering diversity and inclusion in the workplace?

From our CEO throughout the entire company, we understand our obligation to foster an inclusive environment that embraces difference and values the contributions of each of our team members. We are being very intentional about enhancing the diversity of our organization – across all levels – to ensure that our workforce reflects the customers and communities that we serve. We know that a diverse and inclusive company leads to more engaged employees, creates more effective teams and fosters greater innovation and creativity so we are fiercely committed to advancing this work.

Fostering a sense of belonging for our employees and creating a space that is welcoming of different cultures, backgrounds and perspectives is a priority for us. We are making conscious decisions to bring this to fruition by way of:

  • Employee Resource Groups that serve as a powerful tool for inclusion by supporting Women, Black, Hispanic/LatinX, Asian American Pacific Islander and LGBTQ+ community members, with more on the way.
  • Monthly Cultural Forums for employees to collectively increase their awareness and appreciation of different cultures and perspectives.
  • Diversity training that equips our employees with tools, skills and information to help them individually and collectively support our inclusive culture.
  • Inclusion Leadership Council made up of C-suite executives to ensure DEI is a priority company-wide and aligns with our organizational goals and priorities.

We believe that architecting the future of real estate requires a diverse team powering a culture of belonging. By building a team and culture that is truly inclusive – where our team members feel heard, valued, respected, and encouraged to reach their full potential – we will break through the barriers that have held back our industry for centuries.

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