Florida Property Taxes Overview

All property taxes in Florida become due November 1, must be paid no later than March 31, and become delinquent on April 1. Early-payment discounts are applied to tax bills paid in full between November 1 and February 28, (November 4%; December 3%; January 2%; February 1%). 

Tax payments for current tax bills are posted according to their postmark. Tax payments are generally processed within 24 hours of receipt (up to 3 business days during peak periods).

It is important to note that:

  • Delinquent Real Estate bills are charged a 3% interest and advertising costs.
  • Delinquent Tangible Personal Property bills are charged a 1.5% interest per month and advertising costs. 

It is your responsibility to know that taxes are due and to make payment before April 1: failure to receive a tax bill does not relieve anyone from paying taxes or additional interest and fees, per Florida Statute 197.122. 

To ensure you have the most up-to-date information on property taxes, please contact your real estate agent, title agent, or consult local government. 

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