Florida Customary Closing Costs

Buying a home is not as simple as negotiating a price with the seller. There are many other costs, including those associated with the loans, appraisals, and insurance. Some are one-time fees, while others recur over the life of the loan and it’s important to understand why.

Depending on where you live, there are customary practices for who pays what.

The SELLER usually pays for the following:  

  • Documentary stamp taxes and surtax on deed, if any 
  • Owner’s Policy and Charges 
  • Title search charges 
  • Municipal Lien search 
  • Charges for FIRPTA 
  • HOA/Condominium Association estoppel fees 
  • Recording and other fees to cure title  
  • Seller’s Attorneys’ fees 

The BUYER usually pays for the following: 

  • Taxes and recording fees on notes and mortgages 
  • Recording fees for deed and financing statements 
  • Owner’s Policy and Charges 
  • Survey 
  • Lender’s title policy and endorsements 
  • HOA/Condominium Association application/ transfer fees 
  • Loan expenses 
  • Appraisal fees 
  • Buyer’s inspections 
  • Buyer’s attorneys’ fees 
  • All property-related insurance 
  • Owner’s Policy Premium 

This article is part of the Home Buyer Guide.