Different Every Day: Navy veteran Erin shares her stories of Pacific deployments to Doma escrow operations

This November at Doma we’re highlighting some of the outstanding military members who make this company run.

In our second installment, Angela D’Ercole speaks with Erin Tweedy about how she went to climbing the decks of aircraft carriers in the middle of the Pacific to working an escrow desk. 

Angela D’Ercole: Hi Erin! Thank you for chatting with me today. Let’s start with a little bit of background. Which part of the military were you a part of and what did you do?  

Erin Tweedy: A long time ago, I was a Navy aircraft electrician working on CH46 helicopters – those are the ones that can take off vertically. I mainly worked in the East China Sea where I would have to climb up the helicopters tails, which were hanging off the edge of the deck over the open ocean, and adjust the actuators just a few feet under the spinning blades. It still astounds me that I got to do that in a time when women weren’t allowed on aircraft carriers.  

Example of CH46 Sea Hawk Helicopter that Erin Tweedy worked on during her service in the Navy.

AD: Wow! You must have a memorable experience from your time serving. 

ET: I do. In the mid 80s the Navy had a military exercise with hundreds of ships coming together all over the world. Myself, female officer and a fellow male electrician ere bringing supplies over from our smaller ship to the USS Carl Vinson – who was having her maiden voyage. As we were about to board the ship, air traffic control got on comms and said, “Excuse me Officer, you will be the first woman to step on this ship while afloat, can we please have your name and rank?”. You have to remember this was at a time when women were not allowed to be on aircraft carriers. My officer replied and said “It’s actually me and my petty officer, Erin Tweedy”. So, we are on the logbooks as the first two women to step foot on that carrier.  

We are on the logbooks as the first two women to step foot on that [aircraft] carrier.

Erin Tweedy

AD: What a historic moment to be a part of. So, how did you find a career in title and escrow?  

ET: When I got out of Navy, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do so I went to college and ended up working for a newspaper distributor. I became friends with one of my clients and he knew I was looking for a better fit. His wife so happened to be an Escrow Officer looking for a new assistant. I had also just bought house so I gave it a shot and here I am still acting as an Escrow Officer.   

AD: And what do you enjoy about your job? 

ET: I love my job because it’s different every day. I am consistently figuring out how things work or have changed so that I can keep a file moving. It’s honestly a similar environment to the Navy. I also really appreciate the ability to work remotely. Doma has given me the ability to run my desk while being so much closer to family and friends.  

AD: Thank you so much for sharing your stories and your service